Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Spooky Houses Galore

Leif got on a real haunted house drawing kick in October. He decided to mail one to Grandma C. Did it make it there Grandma?

Look at Leif's chubby little toes. By the way, this last picture is the reason I now need to refinish the kitchen table. Again.  If I refinish it, it will be the 4th time it's been sanded and stained! ;-0. Leif decided to paint his picture after I'd all ready gone to bed and I didn't realize he had water color all over the table top.  I think I was tired and went to bed early that night. (Maybe because I'd had insomnia the night before. Haha.) I love these water colors though. They are liquid water colors from Dick Blick and they are really vibrant.

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Ammanda said...

Those houses are fabulous!! And the pumpkin is really great - and super cute! Wish you guys lived closer. My kids go through painting and drawing phases. Recently they'd watched a movie about a painter, so our dining room was filled with paints and paper and homemade easels for 2-3 days... it was so fun!