Friday, November 6, 2015

My child makes his own behavior charts!

Leif really enjoys school.  He's one of those kindergarteners that is interested in all the finer points and details of school life.  This week he came home and  colored a clip chart similar to the one in his kindergarten class.  
He put his name on a clothes pin.  He then taped his chart to the kitchen wall and told me when he's good I should move his clip up and if he's bad I should move it down.  The goal is to make it to pink everyday. I think it's hilarious and so cute.  I wish kids would stay young and innocent for years and years. They grow up way to fast! 

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Ammanda said...

Fun! I should make one for me and have my kids move the clothespin. It might be a good gauge of how they feel they're being treated.