Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Art Class Happiness

I really, really love teaching art on Thursdays (and sometimes Friday) at the elementary school. I wish I could be a primary school art teacher as a profession.  It would be my dream job. Sadly, Idaho doesn't pay for art teacher positions in elementary. Tears. Deep Sigh.....But that's okay because I do it for free as a volunteer and enjoy myself immensely. And I know the kids do too!
Here's our version of northwest coastal Indian masks.

Notice in the background, on the right, my little art corner I created.  That dresser was a dumpster find at Ricks College years ago and through the years has been a dresser for Hailey, Heidi, and Taylor. I gave it a new coat of paint this summer and it's now serving as a place to store oil pastels, markers, texture tools, scissors, construction paper, paint cups, and all sorts of artsy goodness. 
The art room is the cafeteria which is also a stage. I love this small old school. 
Some of these kids have amazing talent. I'm glad I get to give them a creative outlet and hopefully contribute to an overall enjoyable school experience.


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Ammanda said...

I love teaching art too - I got to teach the 4-6th graders for half the year last year and it was a lot of fun...and work...but mostly fun. Great job with the masks!