Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Want to hear about an amazing day?

 It started out as a small hike to a waterfall with the Hanson family before piano lessons. 

From the base of the canyon we climbed across a boulder field...........

.......and 10 minutes later we were in the cool mist of the pounding falls.  Can you spot Taylor down there?

At first, Leif didn't like all the water spraying on him but then he got over it. It was so beautiful.  I told my friend Michelle (who lives in Hawii) that it reminded me of Hawaii.  I really don't know what I'm talking about though, seeing as I've never actually seen a waterfall in Hawaii.  But this is how I imagine it would look!  Maybe. :-)

 Our whole group.  Well, 2 of Jenny's are missing from this photo.  Together we have 15 kids.  Sometimes that's hard to fathom.

Leif and his friend Hyrum discussing the view. "Jorjus, just jorjus."

Heidi, Hope and Hannah- great friends.

The walk back down to our car.......

Heidi kept finding flowers on the walk back down and putting them in my pocket. 

At the car, the kids decided the embankment looked like a gigantic sand pile and couldn't resist.

This amazing lizard was found in the sand.  I love this color of blue.

So, as we were trying to load our kids to leave, 2 guys in a Zip the Snake cart drove up and asked Jenny if our kids would like to try their new zipline course that is set up in the canyon.  When Jenny said it was too expensive he offered to do our entire group for a really good deal.  We jumped on it!

We found places for our very youngest children (thanks grandma and babysitter!) and then came back and got everyone outfitted.

  Reagan, with his identical buddies, riding the shuttle cart to the first zipline.  I think it's funny-  even though Reagan has mostly learned to tell them apart, I will hear him have to ask sometimes-- "Are you Hunter or Heath?"

There were 4 different zip lines set up. 
Here's Torsten.

Taylor and Hagen.


With her best friend Christina. 

Reagan.  He loved it and wasn't afraid at all.

 Yep, I did it too!  Those who know how afraid of heights I am are probably surprised.  I can be a wimp sometimes.

By this point in the day, I'd had to cancel piano lessons (apologies to our wonderful piano teacher) so we decided we might as well take a quick swim because the kids were hot. 

Can you believe this outdoor playground is only 5 minutes from Costco?  Amazing. 

What a memorable day.  It's always an adventure with Jenny and her family!


Kimberly said...

I love that waterfall! this post reminds me we need to take a hike down there before it cools off.

Hilarey said...

What a treasure! I almost feel like I got to share this perfect day with you and Jenny...almost.

Hilarey said...

What a treasure! I almost feel like I got to share this perfect day with you and Jenny...almost.

lawdy said...

Fun, fun, fun. love this post and these pictures!