Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hi there.  I fell off the blogging bandwagon for a record amount of time this time.  I'm going to try to get back on.  

So did I mentioned I moved?   Many of you probably know that by now since it happened clear back in May. :-)  Yes, we're now at CJ Strike again.  Same house and everything!  The boys helped so much with this past move.  Joel began working over here in April, which meant many of the loads were done with just the kids and I.  One time we had a flat on the trailer and the boys changed the tire in about 15 minutes and we were back on our way.  I was so proud of them. 

We ripped out the carpets and refinished the hardwood flooring upstairs, dug out sod and put a little garden in, did some electrical changes, and refinished the kitchen tabletop in the first couple of weeks of living here.  It was really busy but enjoyable and many friends helped out.  Reagan was baptized last week, Hailey has a summer babysitting job for the neighbor, the kids had a wonderful week at their 3rd year of CSI Music Fest- staying with friends in Twin Falls, we've been picking cherries and apricots for freezing and making fruit leather, swimming at the dock, making homemade ice cream, scout camp, summer piano lessons, visits to the library.  The rhythms of life can be so familiar and comforting.  Round and round.......summer, fall, winter and spring. 

Here are some pictures from our life the last 4 months.

Heidi posing in front of her human body poster she worked on this last school year. 

Along the trail to the Box Canyon Falls.  We went with the Hansons in April and had a great time. 

Jenny-- one of my best friends.  She's always up for an adventure with the kids.

 Amazing color, isn't it?

2 little blonde heads looking down into georgous water.  (it's about 3 feet deep but so crystal clear it only looks like it's a few inches deep)

Leif's first experience with raising baby chicks.  He loved to sit and watch them.

Our homeschool group had a special end of the year event.  Torsten and Hailey were in an amazing class that studied literature and history of the Civil War era.  For their class's part of the evening they performed dances from the time period decked out in their antibellum clothing.  It was so beautiful!  (Hailey is 4th from the left)

These are old pictures from February but I wanted to add them.  Leif likes to help Joel fix our cars. Leif told me he was fixing the wheel.  By the way, this is the car before Torsten's fender bender. Now the front end is a bit munched.  :-)

One day Leif decided to put everything in the toilet that was within sight.  It's hard to see, but there are toothbrushes, combs, and fingernail clippers underneath all the q-tips.

Back to slightly more recent pictures....... here are Torsten and Taylor in the stock trailer/moving trailer (a big nice one that a family in our new ward let us borrow).  The boys thought it was great fun to play their music out there.  Joel and I joked we should get a trailer as a playroom for the kids because they all loved playing in it and on it.

In the canal coming out of the CJ Strike Reservoir live some monster carp.  Hank and Hagen Hanson came and stalked them for a few days, teaching our boys a little more about fishing in the process.  This beauty weighed in over 30 lbs !

So I better get back to processing apricots......but I'll leave you with a smile to brighten your day!


Emma said...

It sounds like your keeping busy and having fun. I'm glad that your move went good. We moved back to Idaho at the end of April and we're loving being back!

Ammanda said...

So glad you're back to blogging - our kids ask almost weekly (when they see me blog reading) if they can see your blog.