Friday, July 27, 2012


I discovered another funny thing Leif likes to eat: raw quinoa.  I was making a pot of quinoa the other day and spilled some on the counter.  After putting the pot on the stove, I turned back to see Leif licking it off the counter. 
Me: "You like that stuff?"
Leif:  "Yah, I yike it". 
Me:  "Isn't it a bit crunchy?"
Leif: "Yah.  I yike it".
He proceeded to lick the counter clean.

Also this week-
Leif was laying on the kitchen floor while I did the dishes.  All the sudden he started choking.  I instantly had a distinct thought that he'd swallowed the dime I'd seen earlier on the kitchen floor.  (Don't ask me why I had left it on the floor!)

I started pounding his back and shaking him.  He was kind of holding his throat and looking panicked.  Then he swallowed it!  We hugged other and we were both feeling pretty shaky.  I asked him if he'd swallowed that dime that was on the floor and he said yes.  We discussed that WE DO NOT EAT MONEY because it can get stuck in our throats or in our tummies.  He left a few minutes later to do something.  Very soon he came back in the kitchen and complained that his back hurt.  I thought to myself it was probably from me pounding on it too hard, but I asked him, "Why does your back hurt?".  With a sad expression on his face he replied, "Betuz I put money in my back!"

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