Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just popping in to say hello.....

Yes, yes.....I know. I didn't start blogging any better!!! Sigh. My apologies. It was just a bit busy around here I guess. What were we doing during these bleak, grey days of winter? Let's see, in addition to 3 birthdays, 2 clogging performances, teaching a science class on Fridays, piano lessons, a Shakespeare feast, helping with Music Fest, swimming at Sligers, and various other sundry activities.......

--We were teaching Leif how to read and write. Since he says "baa baa" for bottle, and "ba" for ball and "WAAAAH!" for all the rest, we knew he was one smart cookie and ready for the 3 R's. Just look at that pencil grip. You know he's going to be a real scholar!
--We created a topographical map of India out of paper mache. It was fun to shape a big gooey mess into landforms and learn about interesting sounding places such as the Bay of Bengal, the Western Ghats and the Ganges river. Torsten enjoyed it too, he just misunderstood and thought I said "growl" at the camera.

--We had a fun India culture day with other homeschoolers, making Indian food, doing crafts and listening to a speaker.
--Taylor made some silly balloon hats for striking silly poses,
---And the kids favorite activity of all: skiing!! I relented and agreed to the normal 6 week program that we've done in the past. Now that we've moved to Hagerman it's added an additional 45 minutes to the drive. But who know if we'll be living close enough to do it next year so what's the price of a 100 gallons of gas compared to the memories being made? :-)
Here's a little movie of Taylor doing a jump on one of his favorite runs: Colt. Taylor is the second skier in the clip.


Mommab said...

Ya Hoo, Taylor! I thought he was going to jump on a skier named Colt, the 2nd skier, and thought that sounded rather dangerous. (Silly Grandma) ;-}

sariah said...

Well, I worded that horribly! No wonder you thought he jumped on someone named Colt. Ha ha. Thanks-- I've changed that to make more sense.