Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Worn out

Leif fell asleep on the floor in the boys room one night. If you know Leif, you know this is VERY unusual. Leif only sleeps in his crib, in his bedroom, IF you insist it is absolutely necessary and there are no other options. Otherwise he'd much rather be flushing the toilets, starting the washing the machine, finding my hidden chocolates in the sewing area, sharpening pens in the electric pencil sharpener or playing with knives, thank you very much. :-)


Manda said...

I'm glad it's not just my toddler that does things like that - except Columbus makes sure to put a BUNCH of toilet paper in it before he flushes. Lately I feel like he's turned into a menace - if only I could harness his desire to do things around the house into doing necessary things, we'd be set. Actually - I shouldn't complain, he'd do all the vacuuming if I let him.

sariah said...

Wow, he must be a strong little fellow to do the vacuuming! It certainly would be nice to harness their energy. I need some it. :-)

K. Lou said...

did my comment go through??? don't know--google pushed me to a weird page and who knows...so if this is a duplicate--just ignore:

he is so cute!! looks very peaceful and innocent in slumber, no? I love it that he can find your secret chocolate stash--and that you have one. good luck with the toddler stage and just love every minute of it because (as you well know) it won't last forever. Had to register my oldest for seminary this year--and still in denial over it--I can't be that old!!!