Saturday, January 15, 2011

Torsten's HTML class is finally over!!! Yay!!! I know he learned a lot but the down side was he seemed to be chained to the computer all day, every day. Now I'll have a chance to use the computer to blog a bit more.

Some happenings around here:

Leif is really enjoying himself with our electronic gadgets lately. He adores talking on phones and listening to the ring tones. The kids gave him a phone the other day which, after he got finished playing with it, he decided to throw in the toilet. We walked in the bathroom to find him happily stirring the phone around with the toilet brush as if it were some delicious soup he was concocting. Amazingly enough, the phone dried out and works perfectly! It must be built tight like Taylor's MP3 player which went through the washer and dryer 6 times and survived! Then there was the Dell laptop that Leif danced a jig on. Unfortunately, it didn't hold up as well as the MP3 player and it may officially be dead (unless Joel can perform another soldering iron miracle like he has in the past). And that brings us to the Toshiba laptop which Leif pottied on when he was running around naked after his bath. It works except we have to plug an external keyboard into it. Yes, Leif has certainly added his own wonderful element of baby chaos to our life and it wouldn't be the same without his cute baby face around here.

Torsten, Hailey, Taylor and Heidi started their 6 week skiing program. They love, love, love it! Taylor logs on to Pomerelle's site everyday to see what the snow depth is at the top of the mountain and see what the weather is up there. He even checks Pomerelle's weather report all summer long. Hmmm....sounds to me like he has some Grandpa Pearson genes in him. :-)

When we get the latest pictures downloaded from the camera I'll share some photos of our India activity day, but for now I need to go sweep up the Grapenuts that Leif just spilled all over the floor.....

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