Thursday, July 16, 2009

Margaret Thatcher

I am reading a biography of Margaret Thatcher right now entitled- "There is No Alternative- Why Margaret Thatcher Matters". The title may seem a little strange, but the book is riveting! Where we are headed as a country right now is so similar to what Britain looked like in the 1970's. My brain is too slow right now to type up an actual review of the book- so here is a review from Amazon:

“I strongly recommend ‘There Is No Alternative: Why Margaret Thatcher Matters,’ by Claire Berlinski… Mrs. Thatcher clearly understood that the great threat of socialism was moral and not economic. Socialism is bad because it destroys freedom. It destroys self-reliance, destroys individual initiative, and transfers power from the citizen to the politician and the bureaucrat. Every American who wants to know how dangerous it is for the government to have such enormous influence over AIG, Citibank, Chrysler, etc. should read Ms. Berlinski's study of Mrs. Thatcher......."

Well, I just want to put it out there that this book is a great read and worth looking for at the library. (after I give it back, of course....)


MisoMama said...

Sariah, I NEVER would have picked up that book. You are a true intellectual. (Not snobby - just plain brilliant!)

Hava said...

I was just catching up on your blog, Sariah, when I saw this post. I'm so glad I did see it because I'd forgotten about this book - you told me about it before but it just slipped my mind. I just put it on hold and will read it soon. We'll have to talk once I'm done.

Have you read "Meltdown"? The forward was written by Ron Paul and it is ABSOLUTELY something you'd enjoy and agree with 100%. It is VERY easy to read (much easier to read than Greenspan's book, even though this too is a book about economics) so after Hunter and Dad reads it, I'll put it on hold for you to read. I think you'd thoroughly enjoy it.