Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun Weekend with Emily and family

A week and half ago, Emily, one of my favorite friends from long way back, came to visit for the weekend. That's Emily with her back to the camera. She came to be a part of the family a month before I started college and now my kids call her kids cousins..... I still love to reminisce with Emily about our summer working together picking corn and watermelon for a local fruit stand in the Hagerman/Bliss area . We had lots of scrapes and adventures - like flooding the farmer's melon field on accident, almost backing our boss's pickup over an embankment (one tire was hanging over and he had to come save us!) getting so thirsty after picking melons for hours in the heat that we drank from the canal (disgusting!!!) and driving my dad's old tractor to work one day when we couldn't get any other vehicles to start. We also picked blackberries while floating in inner tubes and discovered a mysterious cold, cold pond down in the, fun anyways, back to the present: Emily's sister was the official photographer for the weekend since I forgot to get my camera out much at all-- thanks Christine! Our kids played and played on the trampoline with the hose since it was so hot and we went down to swim in the river too. I love it that our daughters match up in ages and are friends too! Here's Hailey and Hannah...
and Heidi and Katie.Emily's girls down at the river-
During their stay we had to walk over to see the falls of course! They were still pretty even though the flows are back down.
My sister, Havilah, came over to visit with Emily too and went with us to the falls. Thanks for getting this fun sister photo, Christine!
Oh, and Christine took a family photo for us too- no silliness around here.


Emily said...

I had suppressed the memory of us drinking canal water...but alas it's we must have been thirsty!! Thank you so much for letting us enjoy your Idaho utopia for the weekend. Chris and I were just discussing it last night and she said that she just loved your home, and family and life so much that it was hard to leave. I agree, you guys are pretty great!

sariah said...

Supressing that wonderful memory? You should be proud- it means you have a hardy constitution and quite the immune system!

Hava said...

CANAL water?!?! LOLOL!!! I have been thirsty before,'s hard to imagine being THAT thirsty. ;-)

It's fun to see all of the family photos. Thanks for the reminder - I am going to email Emily and see if she can send some of the photos to me. I'd like to have some of them for my computer.