Monday, March 16, 2009


Lately I've been in the sewing mood. It started when I made Hailey's clogging costume and has just kept going. (I haven't taken a picture of her costume yet and right now it is out in the cold car because we haven't unpacked since the Pocatello competition on Saturday, so I'll just have to show that later.)

Here is a bag I sewed for Reagan. He wanted a bag to put his swimming stuff in but he also uses it when he and Heidi play "hobos" so it's always full of carrots and pretzels and such.
Then I made a pincushion you wear on your wrist. It has velcro to attach it as snugly as needed. I took a picture of it on my arm so you could see how nifty it works- but then I saw in the picture how white and freckly my arm is..... so never mind.
The pincushion itself is some irregular shape with a fancy french name, but if I were to do this project again, I would do a regular shape, because to me it doesn't look right. It looks like I couldn't sew a straight seam :-)

I'm also sewing a dress for Heidi. It's about half done, and I plan to finish it this week. The pictures of it in progress turned out blurry so I'll just wait until it's finished to take another picture.

Last of all- sewing patches on Joel's work pants. Not the most exciting project, but a good wife thing to do. (And he's been working so hard on my new chicken coop that it's the least I can do to try to get rid of the drafts in his pants.)


Klan of Knights said...

Sariah- Happy Spring! We like your new family picture you posted!

mitzi said...

I wish we would have got to visit a little this weekend instead of just wave! Your kids are growing up so much! We will be attending the comp on Mar 2 at Lagoon instead of Mar 15--so I probably won't get the chance again for awhile.

Madi said "hi" to Taylor when she was waiting in line to do freestyle. He didn't know her until she told him she was Taylor H.'s sister. She said he looked all confused and said, "Hull?"

Kristy Lou said...

will call you super craft mom! Good job!