Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Heavenly Spring

I just want to say- a day like today is pure heaven. No wind- just sunshine... windows are open in the house letting the beautiful fresh air in.... kids hammering away at their new tree house project in the pine tree.... Taylor helping me prune the rose bushes.... digging weeds by the rabbit hutch as the bunnies playfully run upstairs and down.... the chickens making their happy clucky noises as they eat all the weeds I throw in their pen.... Heidi jumping on the trampoline wearing a pink summer dress and not even feeling cold...

I'm done with lunch so I'm heading back out to enjoy some more!


lawdy said...

your new family picture is so cute!
the kids played most of the day outside here too. Lincoln began the day insisting that Reagan had to come over. He brought me the phone demanding I call you. So funny. Can't remember how I got him on another train of thought.

Mandy said...

I am jealous! We didn't spend as much time outside today as I would have liked. :^)