Saturday, October 11, 2008

Remember this?

Today I was reminded of the silly winter picnic our family had with some other crazy homeschoolers last January. I think we were all experiencing cabin fever so we thought we'd get out and enjoy the great outdoors for a bit. It was soooo cold and 2 of us mothers brought salad for lunch. What were we thinking? But sometimes those silly, off the wall experiences make for great memories! We ate right next to this big pine tree to try and block some of the arctic wind.
Reagan trudging back for his lunch in what looks like Siberia.


EllaJac said...

Oh my gosh, you guys ARE crazy. :D

MisoMama said...

Wow, that makes me smile.
When the PCC announcer said 'How many of you have ever had a picnic in the snow?' We were both too embarrassed to raise our hand.
I had no idea you had proof of this hair-brained idea.

lawdy said...

It does look just like Siberia!
Why wasn't I invited? Thank you for not inviting me? Are you guys crazy?!

Heather Carringer Lemon said...

Wow Sariah, you are a LOT braver than I. I don't handle the cold well at all. And there you are enjoying it!

Manda said...

Pack up the kids honey - we're moving to Idaho! ;)