Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Applesauce and Grape Juice

The kids always have a great time making applesauce. I cook the apples and they take care of the rest. And boy the house smells so good when apples are cooking all day. I just wish our family liked to eat applesauce. Reagan is really my only applesauce eater. This year I decided to try freezing it in individual size portions for him rather than canning it. We'll see if that idea works.
A couple days ago I made grape juice. Sadly, that project was accomplished very quickly due to the shortage of grapes this year.
Last year we had close to 60 quarts. This year the count was 7! The deer must not like the Concord grapes as much as the green grapes because we were left with mostly Concord. Look at the difference in the juice color of this year's and last. I think the purple juice is prettier but I actually prefer the flavor of the pink juice. "Mommy, why do green grapes make pink juice?" hmmm... that's a good question. I don't know. (and I also don't know why the store-bought grape juice from green grapes is clear....)


EllaJac said...

Aw, YUMMY! I've never made grape juice! We don't drink much juice, really, partly for the price tag.

I replied to your AIO question on my blog.

I might just go buy a box or two of apples later today. Baby was up puking last night, but *seems* better today. We'll see.

MisoMama said...

They look so cute turning the handle!
I watched a "how apple juice is made" and they filtered it until it was clear. It is just sweet, no apple left.
I think your grape juice is the best in the world.
I was saving some grape for you, do you in my freezer, will you be making anymore?

Mandy said...

Store juice is so processed that it isn't opaque anymore. In taking all the stuff out, they take out all the goodness. My dad, (who is a chemist) says that homemade grape juice, that isn't as processed, has all the benefits of drinking wine, without the alcohol. I guess it's good for your heart, so drink up!

Manda said...

I REALLY want a sip (or glass or quart or year's supply worth) of that homemade grape juice! - I do want to try the pink one!

Kristy Lou said...

I wish i could share some of the grapes that we harvested from our garden. the only "grazers" who diminished our supply were my own kids. But they didn't even make a dent. Isn't grape juice the best?