Monday, October 20, 2008

Cleaning Up the Garden

Sunflowers are so amazing! It's so fun to see all those seeds packed in tight orderly rows. Taylor and Hailey started cleaning out one of the gardens for me this week and harvested all the sunflower heads. We will probably use the seeds we don't eat ourselves to supplement the chickens diet. This was our biggest sunflower.

Torsten started cleaning out the other garden and he lined up all the tiny pumpkins he collected in a row. We ended up with 62. You know what's funny? We didn't plant any pumpkins in that garden.


MisoMama said...

That blows me away, I had no idea sunflowers got that big!
I have been thinking about going out to my garden and picking all of the cantaloupes -- that we never planted either.

mitzi said...

I can't wait until next year--hopefully we'll have a decent garden. We have had quite a time taming our acre! Tell Taylor "HI!" from Taylor!

Manda said...

And I thought our sunflowers were big! - Wow! - I'm so impressed with your pumpkin patch - we've gotten loads of basil and cilantro for the past 2 or 3 years, but haven't planted it for about 4 years.