Monday, February 25, 2013


Ever since I first married Joel we've been carrying around his favorite rocks from apartment to apartment, and later, house to house. He was always finding rocks- in the road, at work, a beach, the hills, a river bed, you name it. The kids enjoyed helping him add to his collection. This Christmas we finally got a nice double barreled rock tumbler. We should have done it years ago! Joel has all ready tumbled 4 batches of rocks and they are so beautiful.
Here are some pictures of the process. Every week, Joel opens up the canisters and rinses the rocks, adding clean water and a spoonful of grit in varying degrees of fineness. The last week he also adds plastic pellets to the slurry. Leif loves helping him.


Ammanda said...

Lindy: "The rocks look so pretty!"

Ches: "That is so cool! I really like the blue and purple rocks!"

Our kids have been rock pickers from before they even knew that rocks were called rocks. :) We got Lindy a little rock tumbler for Christmas 2 or 3 years ago. She enjoyed it - but I think the process was a little long for her to do more than one mostly done batch. :)

The Mayo Family said...

That is really neat. Shyanne has loved collecting rocks since she was little and I'm sure would love something like this.

Jeffrey and Sariah said...

Those are pretty rocks. Now aren't you glad you packed them around for the last 15 or more years?

sariah said...

That's exactly what I was thinking, Sariah! :-)

mama of many said...

So like us you are!!! But what does the water and grit do?