Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Last Activity Day

Today was my last day as Girls Activity Day leader. I will really miss being in there! I just told my mom a few weeks ago how I really enjoy working with kids in the age range of 8 to 11. How I LOVE my group of girls because I can be myself and that teenagers, on the other hand, are intimidating. Almost immediately after that conversation I was asked to be the YW president. Ha ha. Okay, talk about intimidating. Do they realize I have a hard time organizing a grocery list, that half the time I forget to pick up Heidi and Taylor from basketball practice, I put things on burners that are still on, I have a terrible time coordinating schedules, and the list goes on. If I didn't have the amazing counselors that I have I know this would be a complete disaster but they are truly wonderful ladies. We had our first presidency meeting this morning and a young women's activity tonight, so my last Achievement Day activity was sandwiched in between. Sigh. I will miss my "little girls"...... today we made Valentine/thank you cards to parents and grandparents and decorated cupcakes.

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Jeffrey and Sariah said...

The (teenage) girls will love you!