Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Grass for lunch

"Aaahhhh, grass. I love to sit in grass. It makes me a happy baby."

"Oh yes, and it tastes delicious too!"

"Finger licking good, in fact."

"Uuagh.. hack... hack.. cough cough. Ahem, excuse me! I think that went down the wrong pipe."

"Oops. Sometimes it sticks a bit to my face....."

"But back to what I was saying.... grass is a delectable treat!"


EllaJac said...

An organic, "grass-fed" baby! Love it!

The Bruneau Bunch said...

Ahhh, he is so cute!! Looks like he belongs to your family.

Hava said...

Sariah, I sent this blog post to Hunter, and then Hunter and Kyler sat together and read it. Kyler laughed and laughed, and then begged Hunter to read it again. Then SHE read it. LOL! She just thought that was the coolest post. :-) I just wanted to share.

Klan of Knights said...

Cute! He is getting so big!

mama of many said...

So CUTE! Glad to see you are so diligent at giving him greens. You have even trained him to get them himself. As I always say, you are a wonderful mother!

Manda said...

Love it!