Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TEA Party

After morning school, the kids and I made signs and then drove over to attend the Twin Falls Tea Party last Thursday. It was a lot of fun and a great educational experience for everyone. The boys helped with the opening flag ceremony, and then all the kids went forward to help sing the Star Spangled Banner. One of our homeschooling friends, Truman Whitney, who is only 14, did an amazing speech. He did even better than the adults and he did it without any notes!

Here's my artist, Torsten, working on his poster. I love his lettering.


The Bruneau Bunch said...

That's awesome!! My Dad and brother went to a tea party in DC a few months back.

Manda said...

Great job with the sign Torsten - and I think the message is great too. I was actually listening to a couple of speeches the other day (by Ezra T. Benson and Marion G romney) about the Constitution and how it does, in fact, need to be read and studied, so - you're in good company! :)