Monday, April 12, 2010

Discovering the Gorge

I haven't been hanging around the "blog" much lately- a mixture of a little sadness, some sickness, and much busyness has contributed to my lack of writing, but I will work on getting back in the habit of posting! And now that it is getting a bit warmer outside I may actually have something to write about. c'mon can do're aaalllmost here...

Yesterday the whole family went to take a look at the deep canyon near our house. Hailey mentioned the view of the falls at the beginning of the trail looks reminiscent of Hawaii. .....ahem...well....if you squint and imagine real hard. :-)

Along the trail there is this look out point with interpretive signs that huge birds must have read and interpreted as saying: poop on me. You just know the birds are thanking humans for building this right here for their perching and viewing comfort. (click the picture to see what I mean)
I've been wanting to take the kids on this hike ever since we moved here, but thought I'd wait until Joel was there to help me keep everyone away from the cliff edges. I'm glad we waited for him because there was a heck of a lot of cliffs and edges on this hike. The land falls away on both sides of the trail until you're walking on a thin wedge of plateau with canyons on either side. The water below actually gets more clear and beautiful as you walk further down river because of all the underground springs adding their fresh cold water to the river. I love it.

We walked until we could overlook the Upper Diversion.
Idaho Power sends this water to a little dam further downstream, one of the many that Joel is learning how to operate in this new area.

And speaking of Joel, he took this interesting shot of some lichens.It was so nice to get out and explore. It will be fun to discover all the beautiful little spots around here this summer.


K. Lou said...

good to have some Sariah back in my life. your baby is a cutie--and getting so big. glad the weather is warming up--albeit slowly.

D. said...

See, it is going to be great! New adventures and places to explore. A longer growing season, too. Plant some cantalopes and watermelon for all of us up on the cold plateau.

Angi said...

Sariah, I am so glad my mom gave me your blog address. It is great to "catch up" with you here :-) Sounds like you weren't real thrilled with moving back to Hagerman, but I bet within some time you'll grow to love it. It's a beautiful place :-) Here is my blog address, I'd love it if you added me to your list of whom you follow. Sorry, I don't update my blog too often....just facebook....LOL Anyway, hope to talk to you soon! ~Angi Campbell

Kimberly said...

So glad to here from you. We are missing you guys around here! I want to see all the ingenious survival tactics you are employing in your house. And whatever happened to your chickens?

Tana said...

Yes, tell us about your survival, the good, the bad, the ugly... That baby is soooo cute. I'mm glad you are back to posting.