Sunday, October 18, 2009

Working Together

Remember the bridge frame that Torsten fabricated this summer? A few weekends ago, Torsten, Hailey and Taylor completed the project by screwing on all the wood decking.

It included getting into the canal to get the job done. They really didn't mind that part one little bit!

Wahoo! The bridge is done and now Grandma has a place to shuck corn with the grand kids again! (Shucking corn is fun enough- but even better when you can throw the husks in the canal and watch them float away.)

The day after Leif was born the boys spent the afternoon splitting wood with Dad. I'm glad the kids have so many opportunities to learn how to work.


MisoMama said...

I would love to shuck corn there on the bridge with y'all.

Mandy said...

Hi! This weekend should be fine, just let us know. I haven't had to take Spencer in, Tylenol has been working it's wonders. He has been much better today. :^)