Monday, February 16, 2009


Hailey documented last week's ski session for us. Here are some of the pictures she took:
This was her view as they were getting close to the mountain.

Here's Torsten getting ready to get on the lift.
The day started out nice and pretty clear and you could see all the way up the mountain.
But by the afternoon, the clouds rolled in and it started to snow.

Taylor in the lodge taking a break to eat lunch.
Then heading back out to get more skiing in before going home.This has been such a fun ski year because so many of our homeschool friends were doing the same program! This was also the year of learning how to jump and to ski really fast- no more snow-plowing for Taylor. :-) The kids are sad that there is only 1 more ski day left!


mini-man said...

Mom, you meant to pick that day to go skiing because you knew that all our friends were there.

sariah said...

Yes, aren't I a nice mom? Always trying to make your life enjoyable.... :-)

MamaJ said...

Cool ski trip, Mom! I responded to your comment on my blog! Hope you have a great day.