Friday, June 13, 2014

Part 2

To continue with the catch up post:

Leif wanted me to put a picture of the kitties in this post.  We have 2 sweet kittens that are so much fun and Leif and Heidi play with them all the time.

Hailey ended up qualifying for state in the 100m dash and the triple jump!  It was so exciting!

She ended up getting 8th out of 18 in the triple jump.  The day of state she broke her personal record by 2 feet! She and her coach were so amazed.  :)

Peaceful sunsets and sunrises over the reservoir.  I'm always finding pictures like these on my phone.

The kids enjoy the beauty here as much as I do.  Sometimes we talk about if we should buy a house and move to Mountain Home, but for now we love the farms, reservoir and relative isolation of living here.  With the bridge out, the drive to Mountain Home is 45 minutes instead of half an hour but that's okay.  It's kinda funny.  Here, so many people have lived on remote ranches that they think Grand View and Bruneau are really close to town and are almost too populated!  I think it's just right.  Except for the bugs.  Too many bugs!  :)

Heidi found a baby killdeer that was lost from its nest.   She is my animal lover.

Lily and the other exchange students prepared food from their countries of China, South Korea and Thailand for our combined YM/YW activity.  They also shared power points and talked about their countries.  It was so delicious and informative!

Taylor right before getting braces on.
His teeth weren't really that crooked but he had an underbite that was grinding his lower teeth down. The dentist said he needed braces or he'd have lots of problems down the road. Right now Taylor has the mechanism you have to turn with a key every night. It gets in the way when he eats and makes him slobber so he's all ready counting down the days to getting them off!      

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Sis said...

We still read your blog Sariah. I show D all his cousins and what they're doing. :)