Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hailey went out on her first group date last night and took the perfect person as her "date"--Taylor!  Aren't brothers the best? :) Torsten took Hailey's friend as his date.  
Last night I started to get sentimental as I realized that soon this 3some will be splitting up when Torsten leaves home.  Currently they go every where together, sing the national anthem at all the ball games together, dance at stake and school dances together, attend music camp together, etc.  I realized the other day that this year I had 4 kids at the highschool: Taylor a Freshman, Hailey a sophomore, Lily, our exchange student a junior, and Torsten a senior! It's been a busy full year with all my kids at home.  Changes and new adventures are on the horizon.......deep breath......
(Torsten in his normal state)

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Ammanda said...

How fun! What a great first date! How lucky are they to have their siblings as friends! Good job Joel and sariah for raising such great kids! :)