Monday, February 17, 2014

A walking disaster

Taylor wrecked his dirt bike AGAIN.  In his words though, this time, he took it like a man.  
This past school year has been one accident after another-  helping at an Eagle Scout project Taylor accidentally pulled a headstone onto his leg and mangled it pretty good, hurt his tailbone ice skating, hurt his arm really bad when hitting a rock and flying over the handle bars of his dirt bike, twisted his ankle playing basketball, etc, etc.  We met our medical deductible for the first time ever last year, in large part due to Taylor's mishaps!  Taylor always makes life interesting.  :-)


Josh said...

Well, that's a rather disturbing picture. You know why I became an engineer instead of a doctor? 'Cause I can't handle pictures like that.

But, is that pinky a Sariah trait or did he break it?

Kimberly said...

We definitely don't want Taylor and Dallin and Landon to hang out--they might not survive!