Saturday, October 12, 2013

Owyhee County Fair

Somehow I deleted this post the other day!  Luckily I had a draft in the file and I am reposting it because this blog is an journal of sorts for our family, and I wanted the fair included in our journal.   
Sorry for the repeat, you can just ignore.  :-)
Out family had an exciting week at the fair!  It started out Tuesday with both Joel and I being pulled over simultaneously by 2 police on the way to Homedale (we were both speeding and come to find out, the police had actually been looking for me because someone had called me in for reckless driving 20 miles earlier!) and then it ended Saturday night with me getting pulled over again by the same policeman for lack of trailer lights on the camper.  Luckily he took pity and didn't give us another ticket.
 In between the trip to and from the fairgrounds we had a great time!  Heidi took 2 goats- her dairy wether Cocoa and her meat goat Coreo, Taylor took his meat goat Lucifer, Hailey took her lamb Daisy, and Reagan took his 2 pigs Bacon and Sausage.
We spent the first day weighing in all the animals, they all made weight--yay!, shearing the lamb, and Taylor and Heidi showing their goats. That was the craziest day by far because the rodeo was that night too.  Lot's of fun!  The sheep show was the the next day, the pig show Friday.  After the pig show they let the parents try their hand at showing their kids pig for the judge. I did it and realized how hard it was to herd your pig around the ring and still make eye contact with the judge. I did terrible! And  while I was waiting to go in the ring about 4 pigs, including mine, got into a big fight in the alley. Our pig was 263 pounds-- these are big animals! Before the men could break it up, I was crashed into and I got a big bruise on my knee to show for it.  So much excitement!  :-) Did I ever mention the pigs ended up being our favorite animal?  They are so funny and personable!
Though 4-H made for a super busy summer with feeding and walking animals, record books, demonstrations, record book interviews, meetings, parade, fund raiser, posters, fair, etc., I think we are all glad we did it at least once and had these new experiences and adventures.

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Ammanda said...

Who knew the county fair could be so eventful.... Including the drive! :) Our kids thought it was super cool that you guys had animals to enter in at the county fair....they even sounded a little jealous. I couldn't figure out why at first (thinking they hadn't ever even heard of a county fair). Turns out that Charlotte's Web (which we read last year) made a big impression on them apparently. Great job guys! (And I love that Taylor named his pigs bacon and sausage! Ches and lindy thought it was funny too)