Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I am not a huge fan of orange. Never have been. When I used to have my own house and yard, I spent every spring and summer planning, digging and planting pink, blue, purple, white, yellow, fuchsia, or lavender flowers- perennials and annuals, in all the nooks and crannies of the yard. But I would steer far away from orange! I'd rip out daylilies that turned out to be orange instead of a warm pink like the picture on the package even though it took 2 years for them to bloom. I dug up all the orange poppies that came with the yard.
I've mellowed over time. Now I am grateful for any flowers that are in my yard. Grateful that someone before me took the time to plant perennials, so I can enjoy an abundant bed of color this year. Orange flowers are beautiful too.

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Ammanda said...

How funny - I've never been a fan of orange, until I saw some flowers once in the right setting - then I wasn't as opposed. And besides, those look salmon-colored on my sreen. :)