Friday, May 17, 2013

Cocoa the Goat

Heidi enjoyed her time having a backyard goat. Cocoa only recently moved over to a pen near our pigs. But it was fun while it lasted to have him close by and interact with him more. He loved to race around the yard with us and sometimes he'd get to ride on the 4-wheeler when we went over to do chores at the pasture. The only real problem with a backyard goat was he would cry REALLY loud when we went back in the house and I bet the neighbors were ready to pull their hair out! (It sounded like a child having a loud meltdown). When we weren't back there to entertain him, Cocoa would play king of the mountain on the firewood pile and hang out in our old stroller. But when he was old enough to nibble my strawberry plants, he had to go.

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