Saturday, April 13, 2013


Reagan chose to do a 4H swine project this year and after spending the last 2 days hurriedly trying to finish their pen (nothing like an eminent deadline to light the fire) we picked up his pigs at the allotted time of 11:30 this morning. There is a pig shortage around here and to get a pig for fair you needed to have reserved them two months ago! A friend of mine didn't reserve and today she ended up spending 150 dollars for a pig that weighed only 37 pounds. That's craziness! Last time we lived here 6 years ago, pigs cost between 60-75 dollars. Ideally they should weigh 60-75 lbs at weigh in. But I digress. So Reagan was very happy that the Flying Pig Farm had good sized pigs for him and Leif happily jumped in and said the other (spare) pig is his. But Boy Howdy do they stink!!! Their manure seriously. smells. bad. I wonder if we will learn to deal with their smell or if this will be our one and only year doing pigs. Luckily, Reagan doesn't seem to be phased by their smell so far. His sniffer must not be as sensitive as mine. Here's some pictures of Spot and Blacky. By the way, I built most of the fence myself! I pounded fence posts in with out any helpers around except Leif, wired up ranch panels, reinforced the gate, screwed a wood panel up to block wind and devised a pathetic but sufficient wire latch. I have to say, it was so fun! I want my own set of lineman's pliers for Christmas! Those piggies have now been in there 8 hours with no escapes so far and have started eating. Yay!

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