Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Most of the day Leif runs around with just a t-shirt and underwear. He's at the age that he can use the bathroom by himself and he thinks the lower half of his clothes are not worth putting on.  But I didn't realize what an ingrained habit this half dressing had become.

This morning Hailey overheard the following conversation between Leif and the little neighbor girl.

Evelyn:  Hi Leif!

Leif:  Hi Evelyn!

Evelyn:  Do you wanna come play?

Leif:  I tan't.

Eveyln:  Why?

Leif:  Betuz I have pants on!  We're going somewhere.

Oh my.  We certainly wouldn't want to be caught wearing pants while playing next door......

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Ammanda said...

What a coincidence, that's how I know I'm going somewhere too. :)