Friday, March 16, 2012

Quick trip to Washington

 Joel and I traveled to northern Washington this week with the 3 younger kids.  Neither Joel or I had ever been that far north before (we were 1/4 mile from the Canadian border). It's always fun to see new places.

 We drove up to Boundary dam on the Pend-Oreille River. 

The powerhouse for the dam is all within this rock.  Crazy, huh. There are 2 tunnels big enough to drive into.
Gorgeous surroundings that I bet are even more gorgeous in the summer.

 While Joel took a test, the kids and I visited the local library and looked at the little museum which are all housed in what used to be the town's school.  Buildings were so much classier back then.  I love that they have antique rocking chairs all around that are meant to be used. 

They have a little theatre in that same building and Reagan thought the ticket booth looked like fun.

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Ammanda said...

So is Joel looking at a job up there? Am I out of the loop? ;)