Friday, February 10, 2012


I made myself a nice hot cup of dark chocolate cocoa the other day.  I  have this super dark chocolate cocoa that I found at Costco and I love it.  It's a bit on the earthy side though, so I enjoy it even better with a bit of added sweetness.  In the chocolate I stirred 2 drops of liquid stevia, a shake of cinnamon and then put a dollop of real whipped cream on top.  Mmmmm.....I sat down to savor this warm cup of yumminess and read my email...........Whoah!  Big shock!

  It took a couple seconds to realize what the problem was. What was that ghastly flavor??  Then I finally placed the flavor and it dawned on me what had happened. My liquid stevia is the same brand and in the same type of bottle as my lavender oil.  And I keep them both in the same cupboard.  Oh yes.  I had just drank lavender oil laced hot chocolate.  It was certainly not a taste experience I'd want to repeat.  Gag. 
I do silly things like this way too often. I think it's because I'm daydreaming. Or something.  Like the time I was daydreaming  and accidentally drank bleach because I thought I thought it looked like nice cup of water.  The really dumb thing about that story is that  I was the one who had poured that cup of bleach earlier in the day. Sheesh. So I went running frantically out of the house to ask Joel, who was sitting in the back yard with our guests who were over dinner, what I should do about it.  That sounded intelligent.  "Joel!! I just drank a cup a bleach!!!  What should I do now??"  I still giggle to think about it and the ridiculous phone call I made to Poison control.


Kimberly said...

Awesome. You are the best. We are reading The Little Princess too.

D. said...

Oh Sariah, how I love you!