Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Box Canyon Hike

We did a fun hike last week during spring break. I've been wanting to hike to Box Canyon Springs for quite a while now, but I kept putting it off because I'd heard it has lots of poison ivy (poison ivy and I go way back and it's not a good relationship) and really the trailhead is not very inspiring--- it looks like you are going to hike through an old dried up farm field, which you do for quite a while. But finally, it starts getting a little more interesting. Some lava rock outcroppings and fissures in the earth appear that are interesting to climb around and explore......Then the springs themselves come into view, where they mysteriously come up from the floor of the desert. The beautiful clean spring water around here always amazes every time I come across it. What a refreshing change from the Snake River.
The trail follows the rim of the canyon for a while, with a view of the creek in the valley below.
Then the trail descends to the valley floor-- can you see that lone figure down on the trail? It's Heidi.
Okay, I'd heard that Box Canyon was cool, but I really wasn't prepared for this gorgeous waterfall. Look at all that water!!
Mom, if you're reading this, I think I actually underestimated the width when I was describing it to you. :-)

I loved how green and lush it was by the falls, contrasting with the gray dormant hues of the desert.

I would brave the poison ivy in the summer to come back again to this little corner of Eden.

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Mommab said...

Yes, I think you did underestimate it, it's beautiful. ;-}