Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Torsten's Eagle project- Bikes for Refugees

Torsten completed his Eagle project last month! His goal was to collect as many bikes as possible to fix and donate to the CSI Refugee Center. It turned out to be a really wonderful project. About 150 refugees and volunteers met at the Boys and Girls club to participate in activities and fix over 35 bikes. We had tarps and tools spread out all over the gym floor and about 20 volunteers working on getting the bikes back in working order.

While that was going on, refugee children and Modern Woodmen kids received bike helmets and safety instruction from the Safe Kids Coalition.

There were stations for the kids and grown ups alike to play relays and games and learn bike safety. Duck, Duck, Goose ended up being the favorite for many of the refugees.
This little guy was such a cutie!! Take a look at his name. He was adorable. Most of the refugees are coming from Bhutan/Nepal right now. I'm not sure what country Billy is from.

We had a lunch of delicious salads made by Modern Woodmen club leaders and food donated by Falls Brand and United Dairymen of Idaho. Mom and Grandma made the dessert.
After everything was cleaned up and put away we realized we needed a picture of all the bikes loaded on the trailer and ready to be delivered. There was one other trailer load in addition to this one. Kristy Dewsnup and her family put in many, many hours along side us to help this project be its best.

It was a long day- we started setting up at 8:30 am and finished cleaning up around 5 pm. Grandma kept little Leif happy and content that whole time. Leif adores her.
Wahoo! One Eagle project down. Only 3 more to go!


Michelle said...

What a fabulous, fabulous idea for an Eagle project! I love it. So great to see something original that helps individuals...not just the envirnment...not that I have anything against the environment, but hey, I REALLY like people. Way to go Torsten and Sariah! By the way, we're baaaaack! I'll be calling to see when we can come see you soon. I (we) miss you so much!

Idaho Sutters said...

Sariah~That sounds like an awesome and worthwhile eagle project! Way to go. Thanks for sharing.

Klan of Knights said...

Good Job Torsten! What a great project.

Tana said...

What a great Eagle project! How did you come up with something so...worthwile? Your family is an inspiration!

And that baby boy is so yummy. It looks like he has chunked up a little. I love it!

Manda said...

Great job Tortsten! - And what a great idea!