Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Matador and the Street Bum

For the fall piano recital, all the kids dressed like their song so that the audience could attempt to match the piece of music to the student. Taylor made a handsome matador and had fun twirling his cape and playing the part! Torsten performed "The Alley Cat" duet with a friend, so he sewed some patches on his old jeans for a street bum outfit. (Torsten has unending patience for hand sewing and will voluntarily sew on all his scout patches and do his brothers too- what a kid!)

I know it's a little tardy to be posting about something that happened October 30, but when I ran across these pictures tonight, it reminded me how much we enjoy our dedicated and talented piano teacher. We have an amazing piano teacher who lets our family trade handyman and yardwork for piano and organ lessons. The boys do their part and mow her lawn in the summer, rake leaves and clean out the roof gutters. When I look back at 2009, this is one of the blessings I am very grateful for!


Kevin and Beth said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. Here is a link to a blog with directions for clothpin cookies, also called Ladylocks sometimes.

He makes all kinds of great cookies. You use regular clothpins or you can use tube forms. I used my girlfriends old clothpins that she has been using for years so they were well seasoned. I'm going to get some clothpins and make a few batches so they are ready for next Christmas. I LOVE, LOVE those cookies! They freeze really well too. It would be really fun for your kids. It takes a few tries to get the dough right on the clothespin. I used store bought puff pastry for my dough but my friend always makes homemade. There are different recipes for the filling, I found the one on the blog tasted like too much crisco, i had to add more vanilla and pow. sugar. I hope you hurry and make them so I can see how they turn out!

K. Lou said...

Great blessing, indeed!

Not to ruin the sewing skill gig that you have going on--but haven't you heard of badge magic for the scout patches??? No sewing required. It has saved me lots of time and frustration. don't want to rain on Torsten's sewing parade, though. :)

Great costumes! Taylor looks just the part!

Kimberly said...

Can Torsten come to my house? Awesome!