Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sledding with practically no snow

We are in a slightly warmer area than the rest of the southern Idaho.  I think our lower elevation and the lake effect pushes the thermostat upward just enough to cause us to get cold rain when everyone else gets snow.  It certainly isn't warm though--it makes me laugh when I hear this referred to as the "banana belt" of Idaho.  Who the heck can grow bananas here?? 😜  But it IS warm enough by a few degrees to not accumulate much of that fun white stuff when Boise, Mountain Home and Twin Falls are all getting it.  

Reagan and Leif knew this could possibly be our best snow storm of the year so they got out to enjoy it!  Most of the hills around here end in a ditch, lake, or a barbed wire fence.  So Reagan provided the speed for the sled.

Woohoo!! Faster Reagan, faster!

Friday, November 6, 2015

My child makes his own behavior charts!

Leif really enjoys school.  He's one of those kindergarteners that is interested in all the finer points and details of school life.  This week he came home and  colored a clip chart similar to the one in his kindergarten class.  
He put his name on a clothes pin.  He then taped his chart to the kitchen wall and told me when he's good I should move his clip up and if he's bad I should move it down.  The goal is to make it to pink everyday. I think it's hilarious and so cute.  I wish kids would stay young and innocent for years and years. They grow up way to fast! 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Glorious Autumn

Heidi captures the best pictures on my phone.  I love seeing my everyday environment through her eyes.  Here are some beauties that showed up last week:

Big kid story time

One night the older kids started reminiscing about the stories they loved to read when they were younger. They found a favorite story collection
and started reading them aloud to each other.  It was so cute.  Kaleb took his turn too and I think we decided he has the best humorous story teller voice. 

Spooky Houses Galore

Leif got on a real haunted house drawing kick in October. He decided to mail one to Grandma C. Did it make it there Grandma?

Look at Leif's chubby little toes. By the way, this last picture is the reason I now need to refinish the kitchen table. Again.  If I refinish it, it will be the 4th time it's been sanded and stained! ;-0. Leif decided to paint his picture after I'd all ready gone to bed and I didn't realize he had water color all over the table top.  I think I was tired and went to bed early that night. (Maybe because I'd had insomnia the night before. Haha.) I love these water colors though. They are liquid water colors from Dick Blick and they are really vibrant.

Art Class Happiness

I really, really love teaching art on Thursdays (and sometimes Friday) at the elementary school. I wish I could be a primary school art teacher as a profession.  It would be my dream job. Sadly, Idaho doesn't pay for art teacher positions in elementary. Tears. Deep Sigh.....But that's okay because I do it for free as a volunteer and enjoy myself immensely. And I know the kids do too!
Here's our version of northwest coastal Indian masks.

Notice in the background, on the right, my little art corner I created.  That dresser was a dumpster find at Ricks College years ago and through the years has been a dresser for Hailey, Heidi, and Taylor. I gave it a new coat of paint this summer and it's now serving as a place to store oil pastels, markers, texture tools, scissors, construction paper, paint cups, and all sorts of artsy goodness. 
The art room is the cafeteria which is also a stage. I love this small old school. 
Some of these kids have amazing talent. I'm glad I get to give them a creative outlet and hopefully contribute to an overall enjoyable school experience.



I decided to pick up blogging again.  Maybe it will stick? If not, I'm going to try not to feel guilty about it.  In the meantime.....
Halloween 2015
Leif and Reagan.  Leif's costume is obvious but you may have to look close to figure out Reagan's. He found clothes, made a name tag and did his hair all on his own.  I love when kids can start being independent like that.  I have never seen the movie "Ace Ventura" by the way.....have you?
Hailey was a tire mechanic and Heidi was a tire. Heidi had a paper pinned to her sleeve that said "Firestone".  I find it funny that two of my children had to make and wear labels to identify themselves. ;)